Checku Case:
Learn how CheckU increased user trust for an international online dating website and helped it get rid of scammers.
Online dating is crammed with surprises. And a person falling heads over heels in love becomes easy prey for fraudsters. That's when high-tech comes to the rescue: АРI CheckU helps users uncover fraudulent activities on international dating websites by revealing fake documents of potential brides whose goal is to get easy money instead of creating a family.
Online dating scam is one of the most common fraud scenarios. Russian women are known for their beauty, that's why potential husbands abroad are looking for a russian bride. Scammers profit from it by creating thousands of fake profiles on dating websites around the world. When a foreigner falls in love with a beautiful picture and starts intense online communication, he is asked to pay for visa and flights for his virtual "bride".

To build trust, the scammer will send a copy of the passport containing a photo of the "bride," but it would have the data belonging to a money mule who is more than happy to get a few thousand dollars and forever break the trusting heart of the unsuspecting lover.
"A 37-year-old man from Germany met a woman from Russia online. They regularly chatted for nearly 6 months, sharing their secrets and dreams. The man quickly fell in love, even though he never met the woman face to face. She offered to visit him but said she needed money for a flight. The unsuspecting man transferred the required amount and then, his online girlfriend disappeared. As a result, the man was done for nearly 1,500 euros.
Before P2P identity verification was integrated:

  • International dating service customers weren't protected from this type of fraud
  • Each scam damaged the service reputation forcing users to leave
  • Negative user experience resulted in negative publicity
After CheckU P2P identity verification was integrated:
The international dating website equipped with API CheckU offered an additional verification service to their customers:

  • Dating service increased the average spend per customer by introducing voluntary P2P identity verification process option
  • Clients received an opportunity to verify their choices and avoid losing large sums of money
  • Dating service has significantly decreased reputational risks
  • Thanks to such identity verification, the number of scammers has substantially dropped while the level of trust between users increased.

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